Photographer Dumps Honey All over People and It Looks Incredible

So surreal.
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Lose Angeles-based artist Blake Little puts his models in a rather sticky situation in this truly surreal series of photos showing people covered in galloons of golden honey. The end result is truly bizarre yet its hard to stop staring as honey drips and oozes off of the models bodies, amplifying their figures.

For the series titled 'Preservation' Little deliberately choose a wide variety of models, from a young baby to an 85-year-old woman in order to capture “the sculptural nature of a human body, regardless of its shape, size or form.” Each of these photos captures their subject in an almost statue like quality, as if they have been preserved and fossilised in a layer of amber.

honey photography 1.jpg
honey photography 2.jpg
honey photography 3.jpg
honey photography 4.jpg
honey photography 5.jpg
honey photography 6.jpg
honey photography 7.jpg
honey photography 8.jpg


via EliteDaily, inspiration-now