The 9 Most Common Types of Dreams and What They Mean

It might almost seem like an impossible task, Psychologist Ian Wallace has tried to interpret over 150,000 dreams during his 30 year long career and now he’s compiled a list of the 9 most common dream types and what they mean. Armed with that information you can hopefully confront whatever is causing them in real life.

1. Being Chased


What it means: There is an issue in your day to day life that you want to confront but you’re unsure on how to do so.

2. Teeth falling out


What it means: Your teeth are an important symbol of powerful and confident you are. Losing a tooth can suggest a real situation is causing your confidence to crumble.

3. Unable to find a toilet


What it means: Toilets are what we use to take care of our most fundamental and basic needs. Not being able to find one can mean that you are finding it hard to express your own needs in life.

4. Naked in public


What it means: The clothes that we choose represent us and the image we want to give off to other people, so feeling naked in public suggests that you are feeling vulnerable or exposed about a situation in life.

5. Unprepared for an exam

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What it means: Not being prepared for an exam is a horrible sinking feeling. Exams judge our knowledge and ultimately our ability to perform and indicate that you are being critical of or doubting your own performance in real life.

6. Flying


What it means: The feeling of flying in a dream is often a euphoric one and normally signifies that you’ve released yourself or gotten over a situation in the real world that has previously being weighing you down.

7. Falling


What it means: Feeling like you are falling during a dream is a sign that you’ve been holding on to a situation in real life for too long and need to let go and move on.

8. Out-of-control vehicle


What it means: An out of control vehicle is essentially a metaphor for your own life. The ability to not control the vehicle could mean that you don’t believe that you are in control of a specific objective or have full control over your own life and your road to personal success.

9. Empty Room


What it means: When dreaming about a house the rooms of that house supposedly represent different aspects or parts of your character and personality. An empty room could signify that you are just discovering a new talent or side to yourself that you were previously unaware of.

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