10 Shiba Inu's That Got Stuck and Didn't Even Give a Damn

Remaining calm is what they do best.
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We're not sure what it is about Shiba Inu's that makes them so prone to get stuck in awkward places, so we'll just assume it's because of their overwhelming urge to always say hello to passers by. It doesn't matter if they get stuck, as long as they get to their destination they couldn't be happier.

1. There's this Shiba that managed to get wedged in a hedge.

2. Then there is this Shiba. He's managed to get onto the rock without touching the water, but hasn't got a clue what to do next.

3. This Shiba thought he could get through the fence.

Turns out he was wrong.

4. This Shiba just wanted to watch the world go by. Which is good. Because now he's there he isn't going anywhere.

5. Then there's this Shiba who just wanted to escape.

6. A lot like this little guy.

7. And this Shiba that wanted to say hello to the kids, but instantly regretted his decision.

8. This Shiba who's made it this far, yet still has so far to go.

9. This Shiba who's unexpectedly just trumped every fashion designer out there with her new outfit.

10. Finally, this Shiba that just really loves books!