22 Halloween Pinterest Fails so Bad You Won't Be Able to Stop Laughing

At least they tried.
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You have to admire the effort that these people went to for halloween. Even though they couldn't quite match the fancy designs that inspired them in the first place they've still ended up with some pretty terrifying creations, because that's what halloween is all about right?

1. Vampire Teeth Cookies

halloween pinterest fails 2.jpg

2. Strawberry Ghosts

halloween pinterest fails 3.jpg

3. Ghost Cupcake

4. Witch Fingers

5. Mini Pumpkins... sort of.

6. Pumpkin Cake

7. Banana Ghosts

8. Werewolf Pumpkin

9. Spiderman Candy Apples

10. Disastrous Brain Cake

11. Mummy Hot Dogs

halloween pinterest fails 13.jpg

12. Frakenfail's

13. Spooky Egg

14. Gluten Free Skeleton

15. Almost there.

halloween pinterest fails 14.jpg

16. Mini Pumpkin Bomb

17. Pumpkin Cake Surprise

halloween pinterest fails 17.jpg

18.  Totally nailed it!

19. Pumpkin Cookies

20. Almost...

21. Spider Cookies

22. Skeleton Ghouls.

h/t Boredpanda