25 Animals That Have Mastered the Art of Guilt Tripping Their Owners

It's all in the eyes.
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Dogs are animals with endless expressions, from sadness to happiness you can tell how they're feeling just by looking at their adorable little faces, so much so that when they want something they will pull out the guilt trip face.

Wide eyes, slight frowns and droopy ears are all sure signs that your dog has mastered guilt tripping you into handing over those extra treats or taking them on that extra walk.

1. "I can only dream of what a walk would do for me right now."

2. "You're not going already are you?"

3. "You're not going anywhere unless i'm coming with you."

4. "I could really do with a belly rub right now."

5. "All that food for one person, you greedy human."

6. "You sure you're going to need all that?"

7. "Why are you leaving me?"

8. "Please don't go."

9. "These ears aren't going to scratch themselves."

10. "How could you let the vet do this to me?"

11. "It's simple. You can't leave."

12. "Two against one says that you can't go to work today."

13. "I can fit, you have to take me now."

14. Aww, he's so sad.

15. "You better bring me back something good."

16. "Fine, at least we have each other."

17. "How about that walk you promised?"

18. "I can't play fetch by myself you know."

19. "I didn't even want my hair cut, how could you."

20. "Please don't take me to the vets."

21. "Did I tell you to stop rubbing my belly?"

22. "Mention the vets one more time and i'm outta here!"

23. "Another episode instead of paying me some attention?"

24. Every morning the guilt trip begins.

25. "Dinner better be soon."

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