Koko the Gorilla Can’t Have Her Own Babies so She’s Adopted Two Kittens Instead

Meet Koko, quite possibly the happiest gorilla in the world right now, because despite not being able to have kids she’s just become mother to two kittens. For her 44th birthday Koko was presented with a box of kittens and allowed to choose two of them, the remaining ones have all gone to different homes. Koko is famous for her knowledge of American Sign Language and signalled to zoo keepers that she would like a cat after not being happy with a toy one, a wish that came true.

Koko currently lives at the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California and spends a lot of time with her trainer Francine Patterson. Patterson claims that Koko understands 2,000 english words and knows over 1,000 sign language signs in her own adapted form.

You can learn more about Koko and her story on her Facebook page and website.

Koko the gorilla was given an amazing present for her 44th birthday.


Famous for her use of sign language, Koko expressed that she wanted a cat. They gave her a box of kittens to choose from.


This is Koko signing the word “cat.”


Here she signs the word “baby.”


Koko signs for them to put the kitten on her head.


Koko has always wanted to be a mother.


That wish has finally come true.


Source: Facebook

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