Disabled Guinea Pig Gets Custom Wheelchair Thanks to the Internet

At the start of this year, guinea pigs Estella and Pip were found abandoned at the side of a road in California’s Calaveras Country. A kind human stopped to pick them up and then dropped the pair off at a nearby animal shelter and it was at this point that one of the caretakers noticed Estella’s back was broken, thought to have been caused by her previous owner. This horrific injury had left her unable to control her lower body and was made even worse by the fact that her injuries weren’t discovered for more than a month.

When she made it to Harvest Home for treatment, caretakers there wanted to help her in every way possible which is why they set up a Facebook fundraiser so that little Estella could have her very own wheelchair. It wasn’t long before they had raised enough for the custom wheelchair and now Estella has a new lease of life, “The chair is now built but we need to make a few more adjustments for her to ride. The wheelchair is designed as an exercise mechanism… to increase her enrichment and activity level,” sanctuary manager Christine Morrissey told The Huffington Post. Well done internet!

Source: harvesthomesanctuary.orgFacebook

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