He Watched Hopelessly as a Wild Wolf Approached His Dog, but What Happened Next Is Amazing

Nobody expected this.
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Although similar in appearance, wolves and our domesticated dogs are far from the same, especially in terms of temperament. At least that's what everyone thought until Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans and his labrador experienced something truly incredible. What happened afterwards shocked an entire community.

In 2003 Jans was on the back porch of his home when a wolf appeared. His dog was excited to see the visitor and ran out to meet him.

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At first Jans was fearful of what might happen to his dog. But the two of them began to play with each other.

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This wasn't the last that Nick would see of the wolf who returned on multiple occasions, so much so that he began to start documenting his visits in photos and even naming the wolf Romeo.

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Romeo became something of a permanent fixture at Juneau and would often be seen playing with local dogs.

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Although residents were unsure at first they soon realised that Romeo just wanted to play.

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It wasn't just other dogs that Romeo wanted to play with, it was also humans. According to Nick, Romeo would also bring out toys that he had stored away and give them to people.

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For six years Romeo remained in Juneau, becoming something of an unofficial mascot and popular member within the community.

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Sadly in 2010 Romeo passed away, but to honor him the residents of Juneau created a special plaque in his memory.

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You can learn more about Romeo's story in a book written by Jans which can be found here.