When You See What These Photos Are of You'll Look at the World in a Totally New Way

These macro photographs capture a totally hidden world.
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In the fast paced of everyday life it's easy to overlook the smaller things in life. They can seem insignificant when the stresses of everyday life take over, but if you take a moment to appreciate the things you overlook you might just spot something incredible.

This is Finnish photographer Joni Niemelä's outlook on life and when you see these stunning macro photographs you'll have a hard time disagreeing. Rain is something of an inconvenience yet Niemelä's capture a more beautiful side to it.

Using a macro lens he photographs raindrops on fireweed plants and suddenly they become otherworldly networks of lines and reflective orbs, almost as if the droplets are suspended or floating. To see more of Niemelä's work you can visit his website or keep up to date on Facebook and Behance.

Source: joniniemela.com

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