Minimal Cocoons Make Perfect Cat Nests for Your Modern Home

Although they'll probably prefer the box it comes in.
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Designed by Aude Sanchez and Guillaume Gadenne, the duo behind Meyou, these minimal cat cocoons are perfect for any modern home and come in a variety of simple geometric shapes. The two Paris-based designers have a background in communication marketing and industrial design and are hopping to start shipping their minimal take on cat furniture in March 2016.

Meyou doesn't just believe in minimal cat furniture however, it also wants to help make a difference for people with disabilities. The company is partnering with a Parisian organisation that helps to rehabilitate people with disabilities through work. Teaming up with Meyou they will manufacture, assemble and manage stock. For more info visit Kickstarter.

minimal cat cocoon 1.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 2.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 3.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 4.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 5.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 6.jpg
minimal cat cocoon 7.jpg
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minimal cat cocoon 9.jpg

Source: Kickstarter