18 Extreme Close-Up Photos That Reveal Everyday Items in an Entirely New Light

Photos that will make you say WOW.
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These extreme close-ups by photographer Pyanek reveal an entirely knew world that's been right under our noses the whole time. Taking everyday objects and items, from apple stalks, book pages and even a ball point pen these macro shots reveal the tiny details and imperfections of items that otherwise look perfect.

You can see more of Pyanek's work on Facebook. There's also a video which you can view below.

1. Book Pages

2. Apple Stalk

3. Grain of White Sugar

4. Incense Stick

5. Match

6. Beach Stone

7. Screw

8. Cornflake

9. Tea Bag

10. “X” key of a keyboard

11. Lipstick

12. Serrated Knife

13. Kitchen Sponge

14. Spaghetti Noodle

15. Soap Foam

16. Corrugated Fiberboard

17. Brass Key

18. Ballpoint Pen

h/t Imgur