19 People the World Would Be a Better Place Without

Monsters, all of them!
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You really wouldn't want any of these people as your friends or siblings. Each and every one of them is a complete monster for their actions.

1. This is terrible.

2. The person that ruined a good story.



3. The lady that took every last piece of bacon.

4. The person who put this book in the fiction section.

people being complete jerks 4.jpg

5. The driver of this rug who clearly cannot park.

6. This brother who has no chill.

7. This person who really cannot park.

8. The evil soul passing these off as 'strawberries.'

9. The 'friend' who sent someone a glitter parcel.

10. The monster that did this.

11. The kind of thing you don't need to find whilst on the toilet.

12. Flatmates who pull pranks like this... you don't need them.

13. People that replace soap with cheese.

14. People that mix sweets with things that can choke you to death.

15. Neighbours like this.

16. The kind of 'friend' that puts a snake in your bath tub.

17. Sometimes you even let yourself down.

18. Someone who pulls a prank like this.

19. And finally, the monster responsible for this.

h/t Distractify