18 People Who Instantly Regretted Their Terrible Decisions

These GIFs prove that when you’re lost in the moment just about anything can happen. From pizza catastrophe’s to people just having really bad days at work. If you can learn anything from these 18 people it should be to always stay switched on and think first… because they clearly didn’t.

1. Delivery boy.

2. Yeah… high five!

3. This kid who regrets that extra spin.

4. This forklift driver who got an unexpected shower.

5. Yeah, thanks bro.

6. This woman who volunteered to get tasered.

7. This guy who was stupid enough to get hurt by something designed for animals.

8. This kid who knows hot to disappoint her parents.

9. Pretty much anybody on their phone near a main road:

10. This guy who was trying to high-five like a boss.

11. Either that kid has amazing reflexes or his friend has rubbish aim.

12. This guy who learnt his lesson about playing near train tracks.

13. “You’ll never eat me!” – Pizza, probably.

14. This kid for practicing his archery skills indoors.

15. These guys who lost to physics.

16. From rocking diva to absolute pain in one second.

17. This girl who was jamming a little too hard.

18. Finally, this kid who clearly didn’t think things through.

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