22 Times Being a Nature Photographer Was the Most Amazing Thing Ever

Up and close.
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When we see the work of nature photographers it's always incredible, but what we never get to see is what happens behind the lens, such as these incredible moments. Luckily for us there were other photographers standing nearby ready snap these amazing moments. Although wild animals are instinctively scared of us sometimes they let curiosity get the better of them and when they do, these magical moments happen. Here are 22 times being a nature photographer was the most amazing thing ever.

1. "Make sure you get my good side."

2. "Let me see this!"



3. He's behind you!

4. This meerkat wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

5. "A little more to the left and it's perfect." - Cheetah

6. These adorable bundles of fur want to show her how it's done.

7. Hiding behind the camera.

nature photography 9.jpg

8. Food!?

9. Just hold still.

10. Selfie time!

11. If it's on the lens, you won't be able to photograph it!

12. "What's going on in here?."

13. This is just the cutest.

14. Photographer showing a chimp photos.

nature photography 16.jpg

15. "Onwards!"

16. Look behind you.

17. This little meerkat didn't want to be in the family photo shoot.

18. Squirrel on camera.

19. Curious squirrel.

Peter Trimming

Peter Trimming

20. Close encounter with a tiny penguin.

21. Scary but incredible!

22. Strike a pose!

Thomas Felde

Thomas Felde

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