19 Photos That Sum up What It's Like to Make Plans

Welcome to life.
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Making plans isn't easy. You need to do something because if you don't you'll probably just spend the rest of your life sitting in your house and watching Netflix every weekend, so what do you do? you make plans of course.... but then instantly regret them. Welcome to life.

1. The straight up response.

funny plans 1.png

2. Every time you make plans.

funny plans 2.png

3. The people that are always late.

funny plans 3.jpg

4. Because 'kittens in 3-D' is more interesting than any of your friends.

funny plans 4.png

5. Making plans is such an effort.

funny plans 5.jpg

6. Your friends are limited anyway.

funny plans 6.png

7. You change your mind pretty quickly.

funny plans 7.png

8. "I'll let you know" is the universal phrase for 'no'.

funny plans 8.jpg

9. The relief!

funny plans 9.png

10. Hiding your disgust isn't easy.

funny plans 10.png

11. You're always busy doing important things...

funny plans 11.png

12. When friends make plans without you... and you're sort of cool with it.

funny plans 12.png

13. Money can be an issue:

funny plans 13.png

14. You suck at getting ready anyway.

funny plans 14.png

15. You enjoy your pets company more.

funny plans 15.jpg

16. You don't go out much because you don't want to face the mirror:

funny plans 16.jpg

17. When you finally decide to commit:

funny plans 17.png

18. The happiest feeling.

funny plans 18.png

19. There isn't enough to make plans anyway when you're busy all the time.

funny plans 19.jpg

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