19 Tweets About Procrastination That Are Way Too Real

Procrastination is life.
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Thanks to the internet it's easier than ever to procrastinate, something that the people of Twitter know all too well. Here are 19 Tweets that sum up what it's like to procrastinate.

1. When even the death of a friend won't make you work.

2. Contemplating life is far more important.

3. Wikipedia is procrastination.

4. Don't even get me started.

5. When Netflix gets ruined.

6. The circle of life.

7. The ultimate motivation.

8. Lay-Z

9. It's all about keeping up the illusion.

10. Procrastination is all about getting your priorities straight.

11. Getting ready to go out.

12. Damn haters.

13. They never listen.

14. This is procrastinating in one photo.

15. When you could have gone out instead of sitting at home procrastinating. 

16. "JUST DO IT!"

17. Homework.

18. When other things get in the way of your procrastination.

19. It never ends.

h/t Buzzfeed