22 Tumblr Posts That Will Leave You on the Floor Laughing

The best of.
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This is exactly why we love Tumblr. Someone will post a funny photo, GIF or video and along comes someone else who reblogs it, adds another caption and makes it even better.

1. He's doing his best.

2. When someone used Lorde as a measurement.

3. Wind? woof.

4. Look at this cat.

5. You don't know my life...

6. What a stupid name for a dog.

7. We've all been there.

8. Justice.


10. The analysis on this window sign.

11. Someone had to say it.

12. When this post about noodles was way too real.

13. Egg.

14. "Ice Ice Baby."

15. When your insides are ugly too.

16. Dr. Fisher

17. That one time Woody got a little too high.

18. This Avril Lavigne reference.

19. "Excuse me, princess."

20. This kid.

21. Proven wrong.

22. Finally, this cry for help.