21 Times Animals Totally Understood What It’s Like to Be Human

Although we may not be able to speak to each other, that doesn’t stop our pets and animals all around the world from understanding the struggle that we call being human.

1. When you know your friend is lying:

2. When you’re on the phone to someone and you need to go but they won’t let you say bye:

3. When you have an argument:

4. The awkwardness of always being in the way.

5. On the pressures of doing well in life:

6. Adult life.

7. Suddenly being reminded that you had something incredibly important to get done.

8. The pain of using modern technology.

9. The importance of sleep.

10. When your parents try to show affection in front of your friends.

11. They totally get the importance of privacy:

12. The frustration of forgetting things:

13. Stupid people:

14. Reading texts after you’ve just woken up.

15. Getting the last drop of food.

16. The struggle of trying to manage finances.

17. The importance of having friends.

18. Grandma has your back.

19. Morning regrets:

20. The truth about being ready on time.

21. And the overwhelming emotions of life:

h/t buzzfeed.com

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