22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum up the Struggle That Is Life

Being human isn't easy.
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Life really isn't easy. It's hard for everyone and these 22 pictures prove it. Welcome to the struggle that is life.

1. No success for you today.

2. The pain:

3. Sometimes life feels like this:

4. And this:

5. All you want to do is this:

6. Because things like this keep happening:

7. This is life in a picture:

8. Pretty much this:

9. Life is being stuck in a boat on dry land.

10. Life is this note:

11. Life is trying to mop outside in the rain.

12. And this yearbook photo:

13. Life is running on empty:

14. Life is this disaster:

15. Life is playing guitar whilst stuck in a bin.

16. Life is this parking spot that has no idea what it's doing.

17. Life is this sign.

18. This little boy understands.

19. Life is your car getting a speeding ticket whilst on the back of a tow truck.

20. Life is the face of this guy who has clearly had it with this shit.

21. Life is when you're eating your favourite food and the fork breaks.

22. Life is life.