The 20 Best Things to Ever Be Posted on Facebook

Facebook 'wins'.
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Through the countless selfies, friends sharing videos and people checking in to Nando's because it's 'cheeky' there are sometimes posts and comments that are worthy of a trophy. Here are 20 of the best things to ever be posted on Facebook.

1. When this guy put an over-talking cashier in his place.

2. This potential spy encounter.

3. This jacket which is clearly worth the money.

4. This.

5. Just skipping the minor details.

6. This guy who's only mad because he doesn't have ice cream.

7. When this person used the bible in the best way possible.

8. The most cringeworthy moment.

9. This prankster fooling all of his friends.

10. The toughest guy ever.

11. Possibly the best troll ever.

12. Always the wrong kind.

13. This masterful snickers joke.

14. When this person got told the absolute truth.

15. This brilliant April fools joke.

16. Jim and his wacky textbook covers.

17. This mathematical genius.

18. This response.

19. The time that Michael got a little confused.

20. And finally, this status that's probably true.

h/t BuzzFeed