Dog Refuses to Leave the Side of His Dying Friend at the Side of the Road

Whilst driving through Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery Samuel Flores spotted something that made him pull over straight away. It was a dog standing guard next to his best friend who was laying on the floor slowly dying. Scared and upset the dog refused to leave his friend to die alone.

Samuel turned to Facebook in order to make people aware of the dogs and try and get the interest of any aid shelters willing to come and rescue them. Luckily Julie Fennell, a local animal lover and advocate stepped in to help.

Samuel Flores was driving when he spotted two dogs by the side of the road, one of them appeared to have been hit by a car whilst the other dog stood over his friend to protect him from further harm.

Facebook / Samuel Flores

The dog refused to leave his dying friends side.

Facebook / Julie Fennell

He was so protective of his friend that when local animal lover Julie Fennel first approached he barked for her to stay away.

Facebook / Julie Fennell

Fennel put the two dogs in her car and took them to Dallas Animal Services. The dog was more than thankful for the helping hand.

Facebook / Julie Fennell

This loyal dog proves that love is not just a human emotion, animals have hearts just as big when it comes to showing compassion. Although his friend has now sadly passed away we hope that this brave dog is rewarded with an amazing forever home. He will soon be going up for adoption on SPIN Rescue.

via The Dodo, Viral Nova

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