There's a Giant Organ in Croatia That Plays Haunting Music Made by the Sea

Creepy but cool.
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It may sound crazy but there's a giant 230-foot sea-organ in Croatia and it uses the ocean to create some of the creepiest music you've ever heard. Using the energy generated from the wind and water flowing from the Adriatic sea the organ has been entertaining the public since it opened in 2005 with random soothing notes.

The sea-organ was designed by Croatian architect Nikola Basic and is known in Croatia as “morske orgulje.” It works by allowing water and wind to enter through the holes that are placed at the bottom of the steps which then flows into the resonating sound chambers and exits through the holes on the top steps. The end result is a truly haunting sound. Scroll down to take a listen.

Listen to it here:

h/t Boredpanda