17 'Cards Against Humanity' Combinations That Are Outrageously Funny

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Cards Against Humanity is a simple game that can have some hilarious outcomes. The rules are simple, each round someone picks a black card and the rest of the players fill in the blanks. The person with the funniest and most outrageous answer wins, often resulting in the hilarious combinations you see here. Here are 17 outrageously funny Cards Against Humanity combinations.

1. The deadliest weapon of them all.

2. Apparently Obama is just like the rest of the world.

3. The card combination that everyone can relate to.

4. The excuse that we've all used at least one time in our lives.

5. This confession.

6. When this was a little too accurate.

7. Speaking of white people...

8. J.K. Rowling's next best seller.

9. This haiku.

10. Its funny because it's probably going to happen.

11. This exhibition that nobody wants to see.

12. Throwing shade on Nickelback will never stop.

13. When it got way too real.

14. Poor life choices.

15. The great depression.

16. Everyone should be able to explore this at their own pace.

17. Be good, children.

h/t Buzzfeed