18 Things Only People Who Love Wine Will Understand


Those that truly love wine will appreciate that it can be the answer to everything. Some studies have even proven that it can be good for you, in moderate doses of course. Having a bad day? wine has the answer. Here are 18 things only people who love wine will understand.

1. Something to wine about...

2. Weekend goals:

3. You have to make every last drop count.

4. You don't need this kind of negativity in your life.

5. The people who truly know you don't even need to ask.

6. Wine is the cure for everything:

7. It always provides the answers you need in life.

8. The face you make when a friend shows up with a bottle for each of you

Things only people who love wine know

9. The struggle is real:

10. You won't miss a single opportunity to get more wine.

11. It brings out your more peaceful side.

12. It makes family gatherings that little bit more bearable.

13. This scientific fact:

14. You'd hear it a mile away.

15. When you go shopping:

16. You regularly have 'wine tastings'.

17. When you are poured a glass.

18. Finally, when it comes to your wine measurements...

h/t Buzzfeed