19 People That Should Be Asking Santa for a Dictionary

All you have to do is scroll through your social media feeds in order to realise that there are quite a few dumb people out there, and it would seem they come out in force during the festive season.

You’d think because Christmas is an annual event that these people would have the basics absolutely nailed by now but no. Words such as ‘carol’ or even phrases such as ‘merry christmas’ often get carelessly misspelled, resulting in some disastrous posts. All these people should be getting from Santa this year is a dictionary…

1. This person who is missing their calendar.

2. This person and their special John Cena wrapping paper.

3. This revelation.

4. When something so innocent turned seriously sinister.

5. This violation of personal space.

6. When mum decided to get creative.

7. Satan Claus.

8. When this person almost got it right.

9. Nearly there.

10. When this person was sad about snow angles.

11. The angle at the top of the christmas tree.

12. Another angle makes an appearance.

13. It’s all about the christmas presence.

14. When this person declared their love for Carole.

15. Then this person declared their hate for her.

16. Sending them out of class isn’t going to help.

17. This person who can’t even christmas.

18. When this person really wasn’t all that convincing.

19. Finally, this person thats clearly never lived.

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