20 Tweets About Getting Old That Are Funny Because They're True

You know you're getting old when...
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Thanks to the wonders of the internet, growing old no longer has to be a lonely process. People from around the world can share the brutal and often hilarious realities of growing old with just about anyone. Here are 20 Tweets about getting old that are only funny because they're true.

1. On having babies:

2. Looking tired of life.

3. On going to bed:

4. On being called middle-aged:

5. Being practical.

6. On the struggle of reading things:

7. Birthdays:

8. When naming body parts.

9. On the struggles of existence:

10. The pleasure of just living life.

11. Expensive cheese.

12. Just this:

13. Past technologies.

14. Being called "mom".

15. Filling out online forms.

16. Grey pubes.

17. Trying to communicate.

18. Back pain.

19. Never ending pain.

20. When someone younger than you calls themselves old.