29 Cats That Really Can't Deal With Christmas Time

The dreaded attack of the Christmas tree!
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For us humans Christmas is a time for celebration and for getting together with the family. It means plenty of food, drink and time off work and of course the festive decorations, but for the people that own a cat Christmas can come with its problems... particularly when cat and Christmas tree meet.

It's a seasonal battle and one that happens every year, but at some point the cat will take a liking to the tree which normally ends in disaster. Here are 29 cats that really can't handle this whole 'Christmas' thing.

1. The Christmas tree has a new angel.

2. King of the Christmas tree.

cats attacking christmas trees 2.jpg

3. It was only up for 3 minutes...

4. Caught in the act.

5. "Please help me, it's swallowing me alive!"

6. "This is my new home now."

7. This Christmas tree decoration seems a little fluffy.

8. Killing a candy cane.

9. Exploring the wilderness.

10. Nom nom nom!

11. "We're going to need to replace this angel, with me."

12. "This is my tree now."

13. Trying to take it down.

14. This poor Christmas tree has been overrun!

15. "Almost there... just a little more!"

cats attacking christmas trees 15.jpg

16. "Christmas is cancelled this year."

17. Making herself at home.

18. Stuck in the tree.

19. "I'm the only Christmas present you need this year."

20. "This is my throne now."

21. Doing his best to bring the tree down.

22. All that money spent on cat toys and he sits here.

23. Seconds after this photo was taken the cat completely destroyed the tree.

24. Mmm delicious!

cats attacking christmas trees 24.jpg

25. Despite her evil intentions to ruin Christmas, those eyes are adorable!

26. "Thank god you're back, the tree seems to have fallen over!"

27. The moment the decorations went up, they came back down again.

28. "No idea how this happened."

29. "The Christmas tree seems a little broken. Nothing to do with me!."