Everyday Objects Turned into Hypnotic GIFs by Feliks Konczakowski

Seriously mesmerising.
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Although we are used to seeing these items everyday, Polish artist Feliks Konczakowski somehow takes the most ordinary and mundane of objects and transform them into hypnotic and mesmerising GIFs.

Objects such as donuts (ok, not so boring) and even cauliflowers get special animated treatment which see's them turned into spiralling and twirling patterns that never end. The cauliflower one is our favourite as it forces you to question whether what you are seeing is a vegetable of a flight through clouds. You can see more of Konczakowski's work here.

1. Cauliflower

2. Rose

3. Orange

4. Romanesco Cauliflower

5. The Moon

6. Watermelon

7. Donut

8. Blinking Eyes

9. Pretzel

10. Petals

11. Ear

12. Corridor

13. Popcorn

14. Pizza

15. Thorns

Source: Tumblr