Tool-Dog Is the Hero and Cute Assistant That Every Mechanic Needs

The world's cutest assistant.
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Just a few days ago this Dachshund was spotted in a car repair shop thought to be located in Russia helping his human to fix cars. The Dachshund was wearing a tailored suit filled with tools that he can deliver to his human in a matter of seconds.

You don't even need to be a mechanic to find benefit from having this little guy in your life. Whether cleaning the house or even doing the garden, this Dachshund is the adorable assistant that everyone needs in their lives.

Although some people have expressed their concerns over the dogs spine whilst carrying the extra weight, the tools that this dog is carrying seem lightweight and he doesn't appear to be in any discomfort. It's important to remember though that dogs should never be forced to carry anything!.

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via Boredpanda