Fascinating Photographs Show the Remains of Japan's Abandoned Theme Parks

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On a recent trip to Japan photographer Reginald Van de Velde visited abandoned theme parks and empty attractions that were once filled with tourists and visitors. Van De Velde travels to locations all over the world in order to capture the beauty and mysteriousness of abandoned places, having visited derelict hospitals, monasteries, castles, power stations and more.

Velde chose to visit Nara Dreamland, Western Village, Family Land and Big Mountain Pachinko, all of which are now closed and abandoned. Nara Dreamland was opened in 1961 however it closed its doors in 2006 after a steady fall in visitors thought to be caused by the opening of Tokyo Disney in 1983. Western Village, opened in 1975 and Family Land, opened in 1970 also suffered a similar fate. Family Land has been closed since 1970 and Family land closed in 2007. We've previously featured more photos specifically of Nara Dreamland which you can see here.

Source: suspiciousminds.com

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