22 Struggles That Every Cat Owner Will Understand All Too Well

Owning a cat can be a challenge.
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Owning a cat can be one of the best things you ever do, although just like with everything in life it does have its draw backs, mainly that cats can be absolute nightmares to live with some times. They may be cute, fury, four-pawed creatures that will melt your heart but they'll also stop you from reading, cleaning, exercising and generally just living life. Here are 22 struggles that every cat owner will understand all too well.

1. Trying to read.

2. Trying to work.

struggles only cat owners will understand 2.png

3. Trying to navigate your way around the house.

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4. Your drink is never really yours.

5. Trying to make the bed.

6. Trying to take a selfie.

7. Trying to have a lay in.

8. Just trying to actually sleep.

9. Taking a shower.

10. Packing a suitcase.

11. Trying to take photos.

12. Nothing is sacred.

13. Leaving boxes or bags lying around.

14. Trying to put up the Christmas tree.

15. Losing the cat in the fridge.

16. Trying to wrap presents.

17. Exercising.

18. Trying to eat in peace.

19. The cat walking on the keyboard.

20. Trying to clean.

21. Not being able to move.

22. Finally, trying to show your beloved pet any sort of affection.

h/t Buzzfeed