21 Life Changing Pieces of Wisdom Courtesy of Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a forum that allows anyone to keep people all over the globe up to date with what they’re doing and any funny thoughts they have all whilst posting anonymously, but just like every social media platform there are those that abuse it.

Because of the anonymity that the site / app offers it is is now associated with bullying and people posting offensive comments. Fortunately for us however, through all of the bad there is some good and it comes in the form of these life changing pieces of wisdom. 

1. You heard it here first.

2. The difference between high school and college.

3. How offensive high school dress codes are.

4. This mind blowing realisation about cats, if they had wings.

5. This commenter just changed the way you think forever.

6. This person just reminded us all about how messed up society is.

7. The truth about how stupid exams really are.

8. This person reminded us that bad fashion sense is a terrible crime.

9. This commenter reminded us to all be thankful.

10. This person told the sad truth about ‘hot’ chocolate.

11. These commenters reminded us on the importance of respecting women.

12. When this person highlighted why growing up sucks.

13. Sadly this isn’t exclusive to just the classroom, it happens throughout life.

14. When this person reminded us on the importance of telling the truth.

15. When this commenter summed up university life in one sentence.

16. When this commenter called out all the haters.

17. When this commenter summed up life.

18. When this person made a truly incredible discovery.

19. This genius life hack.

20. This beautiful poem about college life.

21. When this commenter summed up what turns everyone on.

h/t distractify

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