85-Year-Old Farmer Transformed into Fashion Icon Thanks to Grandsons Makeover

He's got style.
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Fashion normally tends to be aimed towards younger people, but as XiaoYeJieXi and his grandfather prove, having class and style is timeless even at the age of 85. XiaoYeJieXi first found his grandfather some stylish hats, tailored three piece suits and the occasional accessory such as a bag, bow tie and smart leather shoes to complete the look. The result is a glossy set of photos that wouldn't look out of place in a high-end fashion magazine.

XiaoYeJieXi was inspired to give his grandfather a makeover and tour of the city in contrast to his normal life spent in the rural Fujian Province working on a farm gardening vegetables. After the photos were originally posted on Weibo, a Chinese blogging site, they received a huge amount of positive feedback. If you thought elderly people weren't able to dress with style then think again...

fashion icon grandson 1.jpg
fashion icon grandson 2.jpg
fashion icon grandson 3.jpg
fashion icon grandson 4.jpg
fashion icon grandson 5.jpg
fashion icon grandson 6.jpg
fashion icon grandson 7.jpg
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fashion icon grandson 10.jpg

Here's how his grandfather dressed before his makeover.

fashion icon grandson 11.jpg

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