17 Satirical Illustrations That Show Why Humans Haven’t Really Evolved

Charles Darwin’s 1859 book titled “On The Origin Of Species” set the foundations for the theory of evolution, helping us to further understand our own species and others. Evolution is of course a very broad term which leads us to to the photos you see below.

These satirical illustrations argue the fact that in more recent times as a species we may have lost our way a little. From the reoccurring wars, the pollution and even the idols and objects that our society now values the most, here are 17 illustrations that show we haven’t really evolved at all.

1. Evolution Summed Up

Dan Piraro

2. Evolution

Amjad Rasmi

3. Evolution Of God


4. Evolution Of The Parasite


5. Blocked by Technology


6. Go Back


7. Nuclear Evolution


8. The Next Phase


9. Evolution Of Communication

Mike Keefe

10. Full Circle


11. Evolution


12. Evolution


13. Survival


14. Evolution Of Man

David Horsey

15. Heading Backwards


16. Homo Facebooksapiens

Stefano Tartarotti

17. War And Peace

Gunduz Aghayev

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