22 Hilarious Valentine Cards from Kids That Tell It How It Is

Kids can be brutal.
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If there was ever a time that writing a valentines day card was easy it would be as a kid - a time in your life when you can get away with saying just about anything. At first glance these valentines day cards might appear normal but take a closer look and you'll soon realise they come with some pretty brutal messages.

When it comes to love and romance you can clearly learn a lot from a child. There approach to holding nothing back is both adorable and hilarious.

1. A child's definition of love.

2. This is why kids make the best valentines day cards.

3. Love is in the small things.

4. Truly poetic.

5. It's good to put a time frame on things.

6. Thanks kid!

7. You've got to love kids.

8. Why is everything SO RED?

9. This subtle reminder of who's really in control.

10. A touching gift.

11. Valentine's letter from a kid to their teacher.

12. This kid that understands everything.

13. This kid tried to console their mum in the most poetic way ever.

14. The kind of love potion we could all do with.

15. This is pure genius.

16. The last entry on this list came as a surprise.

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17. This is what happens when a kid makes a valentine's day card in chemistry class.

18. Honest love notes are the best love notes.

19. A little feedback always goes a long way.

20. Dinner isn't quite what it used to be these days, mum.

21. The most sincere love letter ever.

22. Finally, kids can be so brutal.