22 Photos That Won't Make Any Sense If You Were a Good Student

For all the bad students out there.
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For those that were or still are bad students, you'll be able to relate to each and every one of these photos. From terrible attendance, an urge to look for a shortcut to success in just about everything you do to the ability to procrastinate like you wouldn't believe...

1. Your outlook on everything:

2. Because you hate attending.

funny photos bad students will understand 2.jpg

3. The best words ever.

4. You know this look too well.

5. Pretending to understand.

6. Anything has to be better than this.

7. You've mastered procrastination.

8. Best to lay low on this one.

9. How time changes everything.

10. Working smarter, not harder.

11. Crushed hopes and dreams.

12. You're friends with the whole class.

13. Making this face.

14. This favourite pastime.

15. Confusion during tests.

16. Ending the torment early.

17. Unachievable goals.

18. Because vacations shouldn't include work.

19. Doing the impossible.

20. Taking random guesses.

21. The only time you can be bothered to do math.

22. But at the end of the day, at least it was all worth it!