Rescued Husky Helps Owner Find New Passion for Photography

Look at their fairy tale adventures.
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This is Amanda Tromp and her beautiful husky named Kyro who share a special bond together with a heartwarming story to tell that reminds us all of how strong the bond between dogs and their owners can be. Three years ago Tromp volunteered to help raise a litter of huskies that had been abandoned by their mother at birth. Tromp raised the puppies by hand at it was at this point she fell in love with one adorable pup with enchanting blue eyes, Kyro.

Whilst you might imagine that adopting a dog can have a hugely positive impact on the dogs part, Tromp was taken back by how much of an impact Kyro had on her own life. At the time of adoption Tromp was stuck in an abusive relationship and Kyro gave her a way to temporarily escape the situation whilst the two of them went on small adventures together.

Eventually Tromp built up the courage to leave her boyfriend and continued to take Kyro on adventures, exploring mountains, beaches and snow covered landscapes together. The moments of tranquility they shared together only brought the two closer together and it was at this point Tromp decided to pick up her camera. “Through the lens of my camera I tried to capture the ‘Fairy-tale’ moments we were seeing in our journeys together,” she wrote on Buzzfeed.

Through sharing these fairytale moments on Instagram and Facebook she hopes to inspire others to find their own place of happiness. Amanda and Kyro's story serves as a beautiful reminder that it's never to late to make a positive change.

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