27 Photos That Will Make You Cringe Harder than You Thought Possible

So awkward you can't look away.
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People do and say some of the most awkward things whilst online mostly down to the fact that they're not interacting with anyone face to face, giving them a chance to say and do what they wouldn't dare dream of in the real world.

Fortunately or unfortunately for you a lot of the time all of these awkward moments go unnoticed which is why we've put together this list so that you can cringe harder than you even thought possible.

1. They didn't read the book...

2. When mum got involved.

3. When this Tumblr user was caught out.

4. The idea behind 'anonymous' is lost on this poor soul.

5. Relationship troubles.

6. This inspirational pen post.

7. When a haircut turned into something more.



8. Nice try, Rita.

9. #FedoraProbs

10. This comment.

11. When Jeff really dropped himself in it.

12. This list.

13. When this bread lover was exposed.

14. The terrifying day that will be remember for all the wrong reasons.

15. Gary and his mums special cream.

16. This bombshell.

17. This should never have happened.

18. When this absolute burn happened.

19. The thirst is real in this one.

20. When this teacher was caught stalking someone on Facebook.

21. When Christian just didn't understand.

22. When this happened.

23. This guy.

24. This absolute genius.

25. When Jaden Smith declared he has superpowers.

26. This meme proposal.

27. Finally, this guy.

h/t Buzzfeed