Cutest 4-Year-Old in Japan Goes on the Most Adorable Adventures

Growing up and becoming an adult isn’t easy and unfortunately there’s no getting out of it, luckily though there are ways of travelling back in time to happier childhood memories, just take the work of Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima for example. In these adorable photos Kawashima followed his friends 4-year-old daughter on a journey from a rural Japanese village all the way to Paris.

Through these photos of the little girl exploring and discovering a whole new world he managed to capture what it is to enjoy yourself and explore the world without a care in the world, taking everyone else on a nostalgic journey back to a time when they felt the same.

Kawashima released a book in 2011 called “Mirai Chan” which features all of the photos taken of the rosy-cheeked girl on her adventures.


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