Man Transforms His Bathroom Mirror into Something Straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie

Google engineer Max Braun recently shared his ordinary looking mirror that’s now packed with extraordinary features – it has the ability to transmit real time information directly onto the mirror!.

Although the technology used to create this new ‘smart mirror’ isn’t ground breaking, you still can’t buy your own straight off the shelf so with this in mind Braun decided to create his very own. The idea behind the mirror is not to create a UI that you can interact with, although a voice search feature is include, but to create a useful display that can show the information you need to start your day.

Braun also revealed a ‘behind the scenes’ photo that shows us how the DIY smart mirror actually works. Using both hi-tech and analog components the smart mirror uses a display panel, controller board and of course a two-way mirror to allow the display to shine through. The end result is a mirror that displays useful information such as the weather, time and recent news headlines. In the future Braun is planning to add more information such as traffic information and personal reminders.

You can see more of Braun’s work on Medium as well as follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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