Here’s What Happens to Your Facebook Profile When You Die

It’s something that we’ve all thought about before, what kind of legacy we will leave behind after we’re gone. These days we live a lot of our lives online with multiple social media accounts, but what happens to them when you die?

You’ll be pleased to know that Facebook has come up with a setting dedicated to that exact eventuality, allowing you to choose between two options, memorial mode or a permanent delete. You can access this feature by going to Settings > Privacy > Legacy Contact, at which point you’ll be given the option to either have your account permanently deleted once Facebook is notified that you have passed or to choose a legacy contact that will managed your Facebook after you go.

Should you decide to keep your Facebook  account open after you finally go Memorial Mode will allow your friends to post nice things about you. You won’t show up in birthday reminders of course or the “people you may know” section of the site but then again you probably won’t mind all that much anyway.

You also have to appoint someone to be your legacy contact who will manage your memorial page so make sure you choose wisely.

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