'Yoga Girl' Has the Cutest Yoga Partner Ever to Help Her Practice

The world's cutest yoga partner.
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Rachel Brathen who's better known online as Yoga Girl has been a source on inspiration for many when it comes to jumping on a Yoga mat and practicing, but it's not just her impressive poses that have gained her so much attention, it's the partner she practices with.

Meet Penny Lane, the baby goat that enjoys nothing more than working out with her human. Rachel received Penny as a present last christmas from her husband and ever since then she's grown to be an important part of the family. "All she wants to do is sit on our laps and watch TV and climb things … and chill on the couch looking cool with her underbite," writes Brathen.

Now the two of them are inseparable and the energetic baby goat enjoys nothing more than participating in Brathen's yoga sessions, jumping and climbing on top of Rachel to make her poses even more impressive!. You can keep up with the duo on Instagram or on Penny's personal account.

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Source: rachelbrathen.com

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