Meet Corduroy, the World’s Oldest Cat at 26 Years Old

Corduroy the cat is one kitty that refuses to age gracefully, choosing to rebel against old age by continuing to jump up on household furniture, play and of course explore the great outdoors. At the age of 26 the half Maine Coon cat should be slowing down, few people even reach his age – he’s 121 in cat years!.

Corduroy met his current owner, Reed Okura, after he was adopted form a shelter in Oregon at just 7-years-old. He remains in good health too, despite being on a low-protein diet to protect his kidneys. Okura believes the key to Corduroy’s longevity has always been to let him go out and play, allowing him to exercise both his mind and body. You can see more of Corduroy on Instagram.

This is Corduroy who was adopted from a shelter in Oregon in 1989

He is now the proud title holder of the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest living cat

At 26 years old Corduroy is the 121 in cat years!

Despite this he’s still full of life

Jumping up on counters, house furniture and exploring the great outdoors!

His owner, Reed Okura, believes they key to his longevity is allowing him to explore and hunt outside.

This way he can exercise both his mind and his body.

As you can imagine he also has a more mellow side to him, enjoying sunbathing and cuddles!

Corduroy was adopted by his owners when he was only 7 years old

The oldest cat to ever live was 38-year-old Crème Puff. Here’s to hoping that Corduroy surpasses that with many more years ahead of him!

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