The 25 Most Inappropriate Kids Drawings Ever

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Through their lack of drawing skill or sometimes just their innocence children draw some of the funniest things. Laughing out loud at a kids drawing is wrong, but it's more than okay to have an internal chuckle at some of the hilarious and often inappropriate drawings.

This list is for anyone who's ever been called in to have a chat with the teacher over one of their children's slightly questionable artworks.

1. When I grow up...

2. Hulk Smashes The Kardashians

3. The drawing itself is actually very good!

4. Pretty sure this kid meant cook. We'll go with that...

5. A school assignment which required the children to write one sentence about their family.

6. This kids drawing which is clearly a lighthouse.

7. "My five-year-old cousins first drawing of her mum."

8. "My 13 year old sister could use practice drawing whistles."

9. This kid declaring their love for the beach!

10. This card that gets straight to the point.

11."The reason my son´s teacher asked to talk to me."

12. A thank you note from a kid to the fireman that rescued them.

13. Well, what a lovely drawing.

14. "My kid's drawing about her first day of kindergarten. It's her teacher."

15. Just a friendly reminder to keep yourself clean.

funny inappropriate kids drawings 15.jpg

16. They were supposed to be turntables...

17. "So. my 6 year old sister was in a fight with my Dad so she drew this."

18. "My 5yr old daughter drew a picture of her at the farm (school excursion) holding a shovel!"

19. The Whisperer

20. "While cleaning the basement, I found an old drawing my sister drew when she was little.....of her sacrificing me to the alien gods."

21. This note which was intercepted by a teacher in a 7th grade class.

22. This brutally honest greeting card.

funny inappropriate kids drawings 22.jpg

23. "My friend's son drew a picture of mommy mowing the lawn..."

24. "My 4-year-old son's drawing of Santa."

25. Finally, this kids drawing that started off great but took a turn for the worse.

h/t boredpanda