17 People Who Have Clearly Mastered the Art of Flirting

Is romance still alive in 2016? judging by what some people pass as flirting these days it could very well be. Flirting isn’t always easy and sometimes it can be hard to find the right things to say at which point it’s probably best that you don’t say anything. Don’t panic though, no matter what you do it can’t be as bad as this…

1. When you’re not sure how to start the conversation.

2. The key to a successful relationship is putting in the effort.

3. It’s the thought that counts, sort of.

4. Making mistakes that can easily be taken the wrong way.

5. Being imaginative when it comes to compliments.

6. Getting the cute nicknames right.

7. When things get a little hot and heavy.

8. Sharing intimate moments.

9. The key to success is being passionate.

10. Casually breaking out into song.

11. Telling that special someone in your life how you really feel.

12. Finding common interests.

13. Good flirting is when you put some thought into what you’re saying.

14. Seriously, Cody.

15. Making complex romantic gestures.

16. Asking the really important questions.

17. Finally, knowing the way to someones heart.

h/t Buzzfeed

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