Adorable Pig Who’s Grown up with Dogs Believes She’s a Puppy Too

Aside from wanting to be part of this loveable family, at first glance when you look closely you’ll notice that one of these four-legged animals is not like the others and she goes by the name of Olive. The eight-year-old might be the only pig in her family, but that hasn’t stopped her settling in as one of the canine crew.

Olive lives with her gang and her two humans, Alissa Childs and her husband Nick in Sydney, Australia, and also shares a home with a whole host of other animals including goats and chickens. The kind hearted family choose to use their home to foster unwanted animals, but it’s the bond that Olive shares with the dogs that stands out.

In an interview with Mashable Alissa explained that Olive “definitely behaves as though she is one of the dogs. She spends every hour of the day with them, plays with them like a dog, she naps with them. If the dogs run at the gate to bark at something in the street, she races with them.”

When you consider that Olive shares many of the same cognitive capabilities as her canine friends it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that they all get along so well, although Alissa did have some concerns over how Lola, their adopted Frenchie, would get along with Olive – normally she isn’t too friendly towards other animals. As it happens though after just two days together the two of them got along like mother and daughter with Olive following Lola around wherever she goes. You can see more of this adorable duo on Alissa’s Instagram account.

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