19 Pictures Anyone Who’s Always Late Will Understand

When it comes to being on time you’re either good at it or you’re awful, there’s often very little room for anything in between. Whether you’re good at keeping time or suck at it though, you’ll probably be able to relate to these 19 pictures. The struggle of setting multiple alarms and still sleeping through all of them is one shared by all of humanity, surely!?

1. Sometimes there’s no saving you.

2. Starting to question whether you should just try again tomorrow.

3. Sometimes being late is all about testing new boundaries and limits.

4. Being late is such a regular occurrence you use it to tell what day of the week it is.

5. Being late is all about becoming the best liar the world has ever seen.

6. “Don’t worry, i’ll be five minutes.”

7. There’s one thing that makes you look later than you already are, early friends.

8. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

9. Being late to the party means it’s time to play catch up.

10. But, it was only a nap!?

11. Your version of ‘oversleeping’ is sometimes a little different to others.

12. If you’re that bad, your friends will do this to you.

13. When your eyeliner doesn’t help with the fact that you’re already behind.

14. When a series of bad decisions leads to this.

15. ‘What is life? why do I have to do this?”

16. When the elements aren’t playing ball.

17. But when you are on time, this always happens.

18. When suddenly you’re the one waiting around.

19. Finally, when even autocorrect knows what you’re like.

h/t Buzzfeed

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