Family Return Home to Find Husky Has Kindly Redecorated for Them

Some study for years to become fully qualified interior designers but this Husky is far too talented for that, instead he choose to suppress and hide his talent for years until one day he finally gave in and decided to redecorate his owners home – the only problem is he didn’t ask for permission!.

Left alone for just 3 hours the aspiring artist managed to transform just about every inch of his humans flat into one impressive canvas thanks to some spilt calligraphy ink. Don’t worry though, the ink was 100% bio and non toxic to both humans and dogs.

After returning from the movies the owners knew they had to get the artwork cleaned up, which means all of that hard work was for nothing. Still, we think that this husky proved his point – dogs can do interior design and they’re pretty damn good at it!

Everyone doubted this husky who had always wanted to be an interior designer.

Suppressing his hidden talent for years, one day when his owners went out to the movies he decided to get creative.

In just 3 hours he had transformed their apartment into one giant canvas!

With ink on his paws there was no stopping him.

Soon just about every square inch of floor was covered in inky paw prints.

He finished it all off with a signature to authenticate his hard work.

h/t Imgur, Boredpanda

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