Homeless Dog Found on the Streets Becomes a Lion in This Epic Photoshoot

After coming across a scruffy looking dog rummaging through her bins at her home in Spain, German photographer Julia Marie Werner fell in love with the sorry looking canine. Overlooking his tatty appearance it was clear to Werner that underneath his scruffy coat and sheer desperation for food was a brave little lion that needed a second chance in life.

After taking the dog into her care Werner felt inspired to create her next photography series titled Grossstadtlowe which translates to “Big City Lion” featuring her new best canine buddy Tschikko Leopold von Werner and as you can see, he’s certainly worthy of that title as he proudly shows the world his mane which was put together by Werner and a friend.

Although at first he was a little uncertain when it came to posing in front of the camera, over time Tschikko has slowly warmed to striking a pose and according to Werner has grown to love wearing his knitted mane and jumping up onto boxes, poles, bollards and just about anything he can climb. The end result of Tschikko’s loveable character and adventurous nature are the brilliant photos you see below.

Julia believes Tschikko was left to fend for himself after being thrown from a car in Spain but since then he’s come a long way, not just in character but in physical distance too. Tschikko now lives happily with Werner in Germany. You can see more of her work on Instagram and Facebook.

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