How Far Technology Has Come in the Last 30 Years Explained in One Image

Sure, technology has come a long way not only in the last 30 years but even in the last decade, but it’s not until you look back at what we once had that you really get a perspective on things, it’s far too easy to take the technology that’s now an integral part of our daily lives for granted.

The image below, which features the popular classic game Super Mario is a great example of just how far we’ve come. First released in 1985 the entire game was just 40KB, to put that into perspective your average MP3 is 3.5mb in size, roughly 87 times the size of the entire original game. Even more mind boggling is that the image you see below which is just a simple snapshot of the game is 283KB making it 7 times bigger than the game itself.

Not only is this a testament to programmers of previous generations who worked on the game but a clear reminder of just how far technology has come since Super Mario was first released.

h/t Ultralinx

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